Contrary to what is being reported, the True Womanhood blog is NOT shutting down. However, the comments are taking a sabbatical.

Big difference.

So you will know, it wasn’t one single topic, one single person, anyone’s denominational affiliation or any one person who influenced my decision. In fact, it would surprise most of you if you saw who the e-mail note I posted came from…a strong opponent of patriocentricity, hardly a patriarchy-lite sort of gal.

During a two month period last fall, I went back through the TW archives and read every single article and every single comment on this blog….over 20,000. I was amazed at the incredible wisdom and commitment to the Word of God that I saw. In spite of many efforts and pressure from patriocentrists during the last year, I have purposed to not take down this website.

However, as I read, one thing that became very clear to me was a change in how Scripture is being handled in the comments. One of the first rules of evaluating the Word is to examine what the bulk of Scripture teaches about any given subject. This is how the subject of patriocentricity and the gender issue have been handled. Sadly, I have seen a growing shift away from dealing with Scripture in that manner and I have been uncomfortable with it, hence the decision this week.

Since I made this decision, I have heard from many people who have thanked me. One person described to me how TW had become an “increasingly dark place” and others rightly observed that I had tried very hard to reverse that but it seemed to be more difficult to do all the time. I agree. So, for now, there will be no comments posted. I will continue to post links as they come my direction and, Lordwilling, will have the site fully running with comments in a few weeks!

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