I received this e-mail and wanted to share it with the rest of you. It has confirmed my own concerns over the past couple of months and especially during the past 48 hours. It also represents some of the other private comments I have been receiving from readers, thoughts that also echo my own concerns.

The purpose of the Christian life is to glorify God. Rather than expressing the importance of this truth or presenting thought that reinforces it, it seems like much that has been written here of late does exactly what we have accused the patriocentrists of doing…relegated our own preferences rather than the truth of Scripture to the center of our callings. Some of the comments sound like our own equivalent of “but they have such a lovely family” as if there is no absolute Truth that can be discovered on the pages of Scripture and that happiness trumps all else, even holiness.

It seems that there is a fine line between calling out the patriocentrists on their teachings and on their behaviors and relegating all men to a position of bad guy and I am appalled. Carolyn Custis James has called this relationship between the sexes the “blessed alliance” and I think it is to that end that we, as true women in the 21st century, ought to aspire. There is a difference between running from legalism and tossing out every good and true teaching in Scripture for fear that we sound like legalists. There is no such thing as cheap grace, yet this is what many of the comments have sounded like. Until I can sort through this and once again feel peace that the conversation on this blog is glorifying to the Lord, TW will be on sabbatical. I want to regroup and will open comments again at some point in the future. Until then, they will remain closed but the site will stay open so people have access to the many thousands of great comments and thoughts, especially regarding the patriocentric movement. Here is the note I got this am:

“Karen please forgive me if I offend you in any way. I truly appreciate all the work you do to expose the patriarchy movement for what it is!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped my family and so many others see there way out of that faulty teaching.

I am however concerned about what I have been reading on True Womanhood. There has been a voice and a sentiment there that has been getting increasingly loud and I fear has become the dominant voice. I read there regularly and I know that were I still involved in patriarchy and came to True Womanhood today, like I did several years ago, seeking Truth and balance I would probably walk away and turn right back to patriarchy.

The dominant voices on the TW site today have a VERY liberal view of Scripture and some do not even seem to feel that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. This really concerns me because I think it plays right into the hands of the Patriocentric crowd. They do read that site as do many like me and never comment. I am sure when they see women arguing against having a biblical worldview and arguing for marrying an unbeliever they feel vindicated in their teaching. It sets up a very easy “I told you so” for them. If you don’t hold to patrio teachings you slide off into a lukewarm, barely Christian belief system. The dominant voices on TW today almost seem to affirm what the patrios teach, at least they would for someone just beginning to question patriarchy.

The recent argument that marrying an unbeliever is acceptable FLOORED me. If I had seen that three years ago I would have discounted TW then gone over to No Longer Quivering and realized that many of them were not Christians. This would have affirmed in my eyes the patrio group and made me think those on the “other” side were unbelievers or at the very least in serious error.

It is clear we can not have strong, godly families if our husbands don’t even believe. I am very worried that the tone on TW and the increasing visibility of No Longer Quivering is leading many women to think patrio teachings aren’t so bad after all if the alternative is to shun the basic teachings of the bible.

Ok I am off my high horse and I will be praying about this. I know you are a strong believer and I see you attempt to correct these ladies with Truth but they seem to be so loud and their voice now is dominant on TW and that did not used to be the case. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help and please disregard this if I have offended.”