January 2010

Continued from patriocentricity nine.


I have long believed that the patriocentric culture is both created and propped up by women.  In fact, though men are taking center stage within this movement, I believe that it has not been initiated by them, but rather, the natural patriocentric man is flattered and his ego is stroked by being given the title of “prophet, priest, and king” of his home. Like the men of Stepford, I believe many of them are being manipulated and programmed as a reaction to our post-modern world, willing participants in building a culture of another time when “men were men and women were cherished and lovely.” (If you haven’t watched this whole film, be warned that these last two scenes are a spoiler.  I mainly want you to see segment 13 and through segment 14 and the final shot of Glenn Close.)

I recently came across an interesting blog that is linked to by some women who also adore the patriocentric lifestyle. Reading through it gave me a lot of insight into the methods used on the men in this movement in much the same way that reading Mormon writer Helen Andelin’s book Fascinating Womanhood did.  It has helped me understand why there is such an emphasis placed on phrases like “biblical womanhood” and “a woman’s role” rather than a serving one another, organic, mature fellowship of believers perspective on men and women relationships. Note the phrases like “Geisha” and “Southern woman” and “make him fall in love with me” and “feminine art.” It is all role playing with the desire to manipulate and control the outcome.

I look forward to your thoughts…..