July 2008

I will be posting notes taken from Geoff Botkins’ presentations at various conferences during the spring and summer of 2008.  I look forward to your thoughts and insights.


Since the old one was timing out on my high speed…

9,OOO+ comments later, and we have moved from specific works by patriocentric authors (So Much More, Return of the Daughters, Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God, The Prairie Muffin Manifesto) to the larger “global” picture of patriocentricty. Prairie Muffin, Thread 8 discussed single women, the Botkins at a recent convention, home schooling, modesty, Samaritan Ministries (a medical needs sharing organization), and much more.

Please see the index post here, for a detailed road map to our conversations.

*noting here that this is a continuation of Prairie Muffin #8 in case somebody is lost! (Karen)

One of the suggestions was to bump the prayer requests up, so that we could easily see them and pray about them without sorting through the thread, so I’ll try to keep these updated!

Prayer “thoughts” through out: for the readers and visitors that come to the blog, and for the young girls affected by patriocentric teachings in an unhealthy way. (Particularly Beatrice: for healing regarding self-injury and “Lady Helen”.) Also for NGJ readers coming here from TG’s blog.

Kathy (#56, T8PM): Conversations with family regarding patriocentricty.

MrsW (#301, T8PM): Prayers for her health and soon-to-arrive baby! 😀

Andrea (#390, T8PM): Prayers for her sister, Claire, who fell ill. UPDATE, #394, #613: Ovarian cyst rupture, pray for healing and a quick recovery.

Cindy (#396, T8PM): Prayers for her friend Kay, undergoing spiritual attacks

Joy (#562, T8PM): For God’s provision in an undisclosed matter

Cynthia (#565, T8PM): For her friend Cassie and Tosha, near drowning accident

Mary (# 734, T8PM): Taking comprehensive exams for MS Degree in Information Sciences.

Lindsey (#86, PT1): Car trouble, for a quick cheap repair or a new car altogether! 😀

Sandy (#2, Prayer): Family crisis~ for peace, healing, and  strength.