May 2008

Our last thread was getting too slow to download so we are continuing here. Since someone mentioned that the Ladies Against Feminism site, a patriocentric website, recommends Helen Andelin’s book Fascinating Womanhood,and given her wide influence with conservative Christian women, we will be looking at some of her teachings as well.


We all know that proverb is more than a little “off.” I say “I’m sorry” more often now than ever in my life, I think. And I have my 4.5-year-old to remind me when an apology is needed. “Mommy, you yelled at Sugar, my dog. You need to say ‘I’m sorry.'”

I really don’t understand the reluctance to apologize. In Christ, it really seems to me that apologies are a win-win situation, reminding all of us that we fail but in Christ we are made whole. Maybe we women–the more social and more relationship-focused creatures–have an easier time apologizing than our counterparts.

Evidence has come to light in the last few weeks convincing me that my alma mater and my former employee, Bob Jones University, needs to clarify, apologize, and reconcile their past racist policies. As a believer, I’m surprised at the resistance. As a historian and rhetorical critic of the organization, I’m not that surprised at all.

Nonetheless, check out the new site and pass it along to any BJU grads or former students you may know at Please Reconcile. For the sake of the Gospel and the Body as a whole, reconciliation is necessary, I believe.

Original document can be found here. Be sure to read parts 1 through 4, too.