April 2008

Several commenters on this blog have been interested in discussing the various parenting models that are popular within the Christian church today. I am aware that this may open up the flood gates of contention but several comments on this blog and on the “millstone” thread on my thatmom blog make me think that this might be a good topic for discussion.

I just want to say ahead of time that I hope we will all be exceedingly gracious and kind as we explore the teachings that are popular within Christian circles today regarding raising, disciplining and discipling children. And I want to encourage us to not only share our own views and philosophies but also to show the Biblical precedent for our choices.

Any thoughts?


Tulip Girl left this quote on the last Muffin thread in response to someone else’s question and several of us thought it deserved its own thread for discussion.

One of the things the the Lord did in my life during our time in Ukraine was help point out in my own heart and life how many of my OWN ideas were not from the Bible, as I thought they were–but were instead reflections of the Generic North American Protestant (GNAP) subculture. GNAP is something Hubby has written about a lot in the past, and yet it took being submerged in another culture for me to see how much I mixed Biblical truths with subculture ideals.”

What are some of the “subculture ideals” that Christians in the U.S. tend to confuse with Biblical truth?  How do we recognize these as they are so ingrained in us as Americans?  How do we address those cultural differences as Christians?

Please post your thoughts, questions, testimonies, experiences here.

This is part four of the Prairie Muffin Manifesto discussion.  You can find the original document here.