March 2008

This is part three of the Prairie Muffins Manifesto discussion.  You can find the original document here.


This is a continuation of the Prairie Muffin Manifesto discussion. You can find part one here.  The original document we are looking at can be found here.

After discussing this subject with more than one family member in recent months, I came across this article on the rise in the number of women who are electing to have cosmetic surgery once they decide they are finished having babies.

Any thoughts?

We have discussed and continue to discuss the visionary daughter view of young women and how they approach their years before marriage but we really haven’t explored all the aspects of singleness within Christianity. Not long ago a young woman posted here and asked some really good questions about how to meet Christian young men and I thought, then, that some of her thoughts were worthy of their own thread.

Now, several articles have recently made me take a step back and look at this very important topic, both as it relates to young men and young women. Here are the links and after you read them, let’s talk about what the Bible teaches about singleness and how all true women, single and married, can seek to apply it in the new millennium.

Rethinking the Gift of Singleness by Debbie Maken

The Cost of Delaying Marriage by Danielle Crittenton

Defending the Cost of Delaying Marriage by Candice Watters