This is an interesting article about new research into the political views of faculty. It raises more questions than it answers as to why conservatives don’t go on to teaching careers in higher education.

My reasons are relatively simple: I would have chosen that path, but putting myself through college took 7 years and left me with student loans. I wanted to pay those off before I pursued further education. I had in mind that I didn’t want to be saddled with debt and forced to work if/when I had young children.  Now I’m working on my children’s college funds so they don’t have to make the same choices. I would be delighted to see them teach at the college level someday.

My college (a Christian institution) professors were all liberal, with the exception of a few business professors I studied under while earning a business minor.  But my major professors urged me to pursue graduate study and never silenced my voice in the classroom. I read/studied political philosophy on my own and arrived at my conservative philosophy on my own.

Those of you, in and out of academia, why do you think the conservative/liberal imbalance? What can be done to bring more balance to higher education?