In the previous thread, the subject of meal preparation and eating out came up and I thought it would be a good one to talk about. (I know it has come up before so I think it will be interesting to discuss with some new people, too.)

I once read that the average family in America eats out 5-6 nights a week. I have also read that luxury kitchens are a huge selling point in homes now because people love to cook recreationally on the weekends.

How do you cook? Who taught you to cook? Do you cook like your mother did? Why or why not?

How many times a week does your family eat out?

How often do you sit down together as a family around the dinner table? What allows for that to happen and what interferes?

What kind of a kitchen do you have? What do you love about your kitchen and what do you hate?

Who does the cooking in your home and what kinds of meals do you prepare?

What tips can you offer for efficiency in meal preparation and saving on the grocery budget?

Has your cooking changed over the years?

Is there a spiritual aspect to meal preparation? If you think so, please explain.

Any thoughts?