I have had many years of experience volunteering in a crisis pregnancy center, though for the past 5 years I have not been involved in any hands on way.  There is an ongoing discussion where I live in regards to the correct philosophy of ministry to those in a crisis pregnancy.  Some advocate an approach that includes a “social programs” type of agenda where girls complete Bible studies in exchange for diapers or other baby items.  In the past year there have been only a handful of girls who have actually had crisis pregnancies.  However, hundreds of others are receiving help so it is really more of a single mom ministry.  Unfortunately, no local churches are currently involved, other than through financial support. 

The other philosophy involves creating a clinic type of environment where a nurse is on call, a sonogram machine is available, and there aren’t give aways unless someone is truly in dire need.  Since the majority of women who chose to abort are not lower income single moms, but rather middle class college students, it is believed that a crisis center ought to have more appeal to them. 

Do any of you have any experience with this or any thoughts?  Also, what do you think the Bible teaches about this?  Do any of the rules regarding “widows” apply in these situations?