This week I start my new career as a “play-at-home” mom. I’ve been a “professional” for nearly two decades now. I was a chair of my academic department. I earned my Ph.D. in Rhetorical Studies from one of the finest programs in the country. And my first book will come out in November.

But now God has granted my prayer to spend my days making rock candy and slaying paper giantsMy husband, too, is starting a new job at a new school on Wednesday. After knitting our adulthood to an all-encompassing ministry for 21 years, God has said deemed that we start over at, for me, age 38.

So I’m asking for advice. What’s important for stay-at-home moms to remember, to do, and to plan? How do you do it? Like the good over-achieving grad student that I still am, I’m taking notes!