Now listen and believe me, I am not just saying this because I am your mother–you are the prettiest, nicest girl in the entire school, not to mention the brightest, and if you don’t believe me just look in the mirror. I happen to know that there are dozens of young men who would give their eyeteeth to go out with a wonderful girl like you. Boys are shy too, you know. Don’t you worry, someday your ship will come in.

That Mary Engelbreit coffee mug always makes me smile because it captures everything about my dear mom. And as my family celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this weekend, I was reminiscing about all the really good advice my mom has given me over the years. Among my favorites:

  • “The trick for good chicken noodle soup is to cook the noodles separately and pour the soup on top of them. They don’t get mushy that way.”
  • “Eh. Just go buy a jar of pickles. They taste a whole lot better, and it’s so much easier.”
  • “If you sit really, really still, you don’t even notice how hot it is.”
  • “Don’t go into show business.”
  • “Marry a man with callouses on his hands. You want a hard worker. See? Look at your Dad’s hands.”

So what memorable advice did your good ol’ mom give you?