If you do not know who he is, Kevin Swanson is the wildly popular host of a daily online broadcast called Generations.  He is the newest and brightest star in the homeschooling guru circuit, bringing his “wisdom” into literally millions of homes worldwide each week.  A few weeks ago we discussed his interview with the Botkin sisters regarding their book on being a “visionary daughter” called “So Much More.”  It appears that he received enough not-so-positive responses to that program that he has aired another one this week, entitled “Should We Kick our 18-Year-Old Daughters Out of the House – Living Alone in a Post-Modern Barren Land.” 

I think, especially those of you who are single, will find this episode interesting.  If you are not living in a family, you, according to Kevin Swanson, are a “vagabond,” have no calling of your own, are outside of God’s will, and are disobedient to the Word of God.  Kevin goes on to say that your only role is to be married at a young age and have as many babies as you can and that your father is responsible to see that this happens.  If you are not doing this, you are non-normative.

I thought that you all might like to listen to this broadcast and perhaps let Kevin know your opinion of it.  Find it here and scroll down to July 16, 2007.  As this discussion progresses, I would be very interested in reading how you came to embrace your individual callings based upon the Word of God, both as single and married women who are seeking to glorify God in your lives.