I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a godly woman because I now have the responsibility to raise a godly woman. It is one thing to try to muddle through and figure things out as best you can for yourself. It is something totally different when you realize that you are going to be shaping someone else’s view of God and how He views her.

I suspect different women struggle with different aspects of how to apply their convictions about being a woman. For example, I haven’t struggled much at all in the area of being a woman in a marriage. But I’ve had a horrible time figuring out where to fit in in the church setting. I’m more traditional/conservative in a lot of ways theologically and in worship. But I’m less so when it comes to my views in how women can participate in the life of the body. It has made it almost impossible to find a church where we really fit in. I was happiest as a woman using my gifts at one particular church, but found so much of what else they were doing to be out of my theological comfort zone. I’ve found other churches to be more “comfortable” for me theologically and in worship style, but way different and actually confining in terms of women using their gifts.

We’ve erred on the side of being in agreement theologically and in worship style in our choice of churches, even though it has meant that I am not free to fully use my gifts. This has been really hard for me. And it is becoming harder because now I have a little girl who will need to understand at some point why we make the choices we do. And I’m not sure I can fully explain it to her when I can’t even say I’m completely comfortable with the choices we’ve made.

So I’m not sure where this discussion will head and I have to be honest that my time availability to participate fully is limited. But I’m curious to hear how other women have dealt with similar issues.

Looking forward to hearing what others have to say!