Modesty, femininity, godly womanhood, etc.  What do they actually mean for a Christian who is seeking to obey and honor Jesus Christ in the 21st century?  Should we return to a time when women did not have the right to own property or vote?  Is this a more Biblical way to live?  Should women receive equal pay for equal work?  If so, how is that supported by Scripture? May a Christian woman hold public office?

Following up on some of the commentary regarding the Botkin sisters and patriocentricity, I would like to encourage you to look at these clips:

The first is the “teaser” for an upcoming movie to be produced by the Gunn brothers.   (scroll down to September 23, 2005)

Now the movie is about to be released and here is a trailer for it:

Here is also a link to the writings of John Knox for which this project is named:

Any thoughts?