Here at the TW blog, we do a lot of talking about women, with the intention of engaging one another in Biblically centered discussions regarding our roles and practical ways to honor the Lord.

But though our subjects are usually female-centric, our responses come from interaction with all sorts of non-gender-specific resources. In several discussions, especially recent ones, I find myself returning to a college hermeneutics class, passages of the Bible I’ve already studied, messages I’ve heard.

One resource I’ve found especially helpful–not just for blog discussions but for spiritual edification in general–is the downloadable messages from a recent New Attitude conference held in Louisville, KY, which brought many young people together around one topic: discernment.

Whatever our views on female education, homemaking, careers, etc., I suspect we who write and we who read this blog do so for one reason: we want to seek to honor Christ and love others in the best way possible. And I’m sure all we contributors would agree that glorifying God is priority #1.

Because discernment is so vital to a proper discussion or understanding of the Bible, I really recommend these messages. They’re free, they’re clear, they’re Biblical.