Kimi asked some good questions while commenting about our mission statement.  Sallie and I think it deserves more discussion. 

This is what Kimi said: “I guess what I am trying to pinpoint is,what is it that makes you a woman? Does how you follow Christ look the same as your husband? Is the only difference biological? And, most importantly, how is that conviction based on scripture?  I do, by the way, agree that our ultimate calling is the same as our brothers-in-Christ. Like you said, Thatmom, “To me, there is one calling for all believers, to love God completely and others as ourselves. I suppose some would argue that that is a command rather than a calling. I think that the calling is the same for everyone, male or female, old or young, etc.”
I would agree with that. But do you feel that will look different in action in women and men?  I know that you don’t believe that woman should only stay at home, or never work. (I agree with you there. : ) ). But back to my question, what does it mean to be a woman, instead of a man? A big question, I know. But I think it is important one, because how we answer that shapes all of the smaller questions.”

Any thoughts?