With a grateful look towards a friend’s blog, I have poached this article by Holly Stratton as an excellent example of writing from a college girl.

Holly has a refreshing take on modesty and some noteworthy insights on the danger of digging deeper into our respective preferential trenches. My favorite is

“…Most of us will find ourselves in venues where the defining of lines and the drawing of specific applications are vital components of instruction. During this process, we can unwittingly carve a path to the goal that becomes deeply entrenched in our own opinions and biases. The deeper we dig, the easier it is to lose sight of the fact that our personalities, environments, and upbringings—and not the Word of God alone—have contributed to our specific courses of choice. This can prompt us to make not only unbiblical judgments against those who run paths that veer to our left or right but also dogmatic, authoritative statements about subjective matters.”

The ensuing discussion is not overly edifying, but the original article, I thought, was exceptional.