Recently, I ran into a fellow believer. We got to talking about politics and elections, and, in the course of the conversation, she told me she could never endorse a woman being president–or senator, representative, or mayor, in most cases. “I just don’t think women should have that kind of leadership,” she told me. She also said that she wouldn’t know what to do without her husband–“How would I make decisions?” she explained. “Women and their hormones … can you imagine?”

I asked her where we should draw the line–if a woman can’t be in governmental leadership, can she be a company manager? a college professor? She told me that she’d really have to pray about that (or maybe ask her husband).

I think it’s a very real question Christians have asked themselves: Could a woman be an effective president? According to a September article at ABC News, Americans may be ready; but are Christians also willing to ignore stereotypes and really search for the best candidate?