I’m Monica, a recent college grad and newly married enough to still be, well…newly married. 🙂 I married my best friend last August, and we’re currently in NC while he wraps up his law degree at Duke University. He has one more year of school before we swap working and schooling; as God allows, he’ll grab himself a “real job” and I’ll be back in school working on a master’s of social work. My undergraduate degree was in Rhetoric and Public Address after I realized (under Camille’s excellent guidance) that my world could and should be far bigger than a practice studio and a piano, and I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything.

I can hardly begin to list the things that God taught me in college. Through my roommates, He taught me patience and tolerance and even some modicum of neatness. 🙂 Through my friends, He gave me fellowship and a husband and challenges to examine, defend, and live out what I believed. Through my teachers (most notably, thgough Camille), He exposed me to the processes of critical thinking and a radically different theology and much wisdom in the interpersonal arena. Those years and those lessons made me who I am now, and they contribute to who I am continuing to become.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this board, to add another color to the picture, and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you much better than I do now.

ETA: My hubby and I do not as yet have any children, but we are the very proud parents of a small bird named DeWitt. He’s just too cute, and you can find lots of pictures of him on my blog.