For those who are contemplating whether women belong in the professional world, consider this:

I have been reading Terrify No More by Gary Haugen and Gregg Hunter. The book focuses on the work of International Justice Mission(IJM), an organization that takes seriously the words of Isaiah 1:17: Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows (NLT). IJM has dived into the underworld of sex trafficking, forced child prostitution and bonded slavery to bring justice to the oppressed.

As I was reading the account of a particularly large rescue operation, Gary Haugen talks about the aftercare of these girls sold into sexual slavery. After all that has been done for them, it becomes necessary for women (trained, educated women) to take over most of the aftercare. These young girls have been victimized by nearly every male they have ever encountered and it is up to women to attempt the initial processes of rehabilitation. The woman in charge of these operations is a Harvard Law grad named Sharon Cohn. Sharon is a wonderful Christian woman who puts herself in harm’s way to obey the call of God in a way that only a woman really can. I can think of no higher calling for a daughter of mine than to stand in harm’s way and live the Gospel for a group of girls whose own parents have often sold them into sexual slavery.

Along those lines, here is a thought-provoking post by Jeannine Kellogg on the growing problem of sexual trafficking and the work of IJM.