I came across this “rant” on a young high school or college girl’s blog recently and thought it brought up an interesting perspective worthy of College Girl discussion.

“I believe the influences of Christian mothers and romantically-themed movies (cite Ever After, every single Disney movie ever shoved at us, My Fair Lady) lead young Christian women to believe that they aren’t ‘complete’ or that they haven’t fully become a woman until they’ve fallen in love and gotten married. Or at least, Hollywood usually stops at marriage. The Christian mothers press for lawful procreation. Though I’m not sure how widespread this view has become, my mother told me she expected me to marry and have as many children as I could and she expected all other Christian women to take the same course. She explained her view as ‘populating the world with Christians.’ I realize I know nothing of the subject. I beg forgiveness for ignorant remarks. Yet I firmly believe that both these influences- Hollywood’s happily-ever-after with a white knight and the Christian mother’s view of a women’s dominant role as a mother, making the most of her youth- are harmful and lead to premature marriage and an unstable home environment when mothers become disenchanted with the myth.

My solution, like my argument is imperfect. I believe women and Christian women especially should consider their choices before they marry, choose a career or children and stick with your choice. If you intend to marry and start a family right out of college, why even go to college in the first place? Our fight to break free of our culture’s ‘ridiculous obsession with love!’ will be difficult and perhaps impossible but better to go down fighting rather than search for an idealized love that will leave us empty in the end.”

So this made me wonder if there are quite a few moms who are pressuring their daughters into not choosing college. I also want to add the Jane Austin books/moves to the list of romantic media that paints the same view for women, i.e., that you must have a man to be complete.

I thought this writer was asking valid questions.

Any thoughts?