This is post number eleven in the series.

I’m Shanna, a twenty-something college girl in love with her God, his Word, and his remarkable sovereignty. Along my sanctification journey, this Savior’s shown me his ways are not my ways, and he’s impassioned me towards learning.

Here’s my story:

God graciously gave me a Christian heritage, providing parents who reared me with Biblical principles in our home and sent me to a Christian school, K-12. At age nine, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, after watching the rapture-based film A Thief in the Night; by that age, I could have told you about salvation with my eyes closed, but not until the specific night in December did I recognize the truths to be for me.

Since then, the most important thing about me has been my relationship with God, and I have joyfully desired and grown in him for almost fifteen years.

I attended Clearwater Christian College in Florida during my freshman year and then transferred to Northland Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin, from where I now hold a B.S. in secondary education. After graduating, I moved back home to weigh options and plan for the future. Now, I am attending DePaul University, pursuing an M.A. in writing. Plans for the future are many and changing, but most likely they will involve more school. 🙂

What I love about College Girl and what’s made me a faithful reader for the past six months is that it celebrates something often overlooked by the Christian circles in which I travel: women’s education.

I grew up wishing for nothing more than a husband and family, and these things are not wrong. But God has graciously denied that desire for now, showing me how different his plans can be for each of his children.

The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9, NAS)

What I want–I mean what I really, really want–most for my life is for it to please the Lord; through my pastor, parents, friends, and acquaintances, God has confirmed my path—right now, in school—to be doing exactly that. Through my experiences in secular school, I’ve met other Believers, had opportunities to share Truth, and my perspective has broadened to accept how big our God and his plans are.

To those who revere family making, let me say that I do, too! I read an article by John MacArthur (which I unfortunately cannot seem to find again) where he said that if a woman becomes a lawyer and then becomes a stay-at-home mom, well then her family gets a wife/mother who thinks and plans like a lawyer. Amen, I now say.

I love, love, love school. I hope to be learning indefinitely.