Well, once again, I feel as though this College Girl is battling those who believe a college education is wasted on stay-at-home wives and mothers and this time it is coming from the far left. Alert College Girl reader, Jenni, sent this link our direction and I would encourage you to read it as it does bring up some of things we have talked about on this blog.

ABC’s Good Morning America has hosted a series of Mommy Wars segments where, according to Dr. Al Moehler, attorney Linda Hirshman “has told America’s moms that their work is fundamentally unimportant, uninteresting, and fundamentally unworthy of any “complicated” and “educated” person….Women who stay at home with their children, turning their back on promising careers, “are letting down the team,” she asserts. They are rejecting the very feminist ideal that the radical ideologues have adopted and they are undermining the cause of all women, in Hirshman’s condescending view.”

Did anyone see these programs? What say ye?