Though we are a blog full of “college girls,” I believe we all acknowledge there are skills and abilities we have acquired that we could not have learned just by sitting in on a classroom lecture. We were taught to bake or sew or a myriad of other things that make a house a home by patient mothers, grandmothers, relatives, and friends. However–for whatever reason–you may, like me, have “gaps” in your domestic education.

This article, called “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Clueless” struck a chord with me, and I thought it might with some of you as well.

Though I would consider myself “crafty,” and my mother and grandmothers taught me how to cook (including making perfect skillet cornbread), how to sew a button and hem a skirt, how to decorate a table, and how to sketch and paint, there are certain things that I regret not knowing how to do. I was always either too busy or too stubborn to learn. I wish I had taken the time to learn from my grandmothers while they were still alive; activities like crocheting, knitting, and recreating my New Orleans-born grandmother’s shrimp creole recipe are difficult without their expertise. Of course, I could still learn those things through various means–scouring libraries and the internet, begging friends to teach me, and (as a last resort, since it’s not free) taking classes. My list of three domestic things I intend to learn at some point in the future through whatever means possible by finagling purposeful time in which to learn (whew!) includes: learning how to properly use a sewing machine (so I can make curtains and pillows and dresses and even, possibly, slipcovers), learning how to make my own bread from scratch (sadly, I have a breadmaker I’ve never used, and if I won’t even take the time to do that, well…we’ll see), and, finally, though it is straight from the article–I would love to be able to make my own scented candles. I love candles.

I know many of us college gals have skills– you make your own bread, you sew slings. I’d like to know what your incredible abilities are! Why not post three things you have learned and perhaps three things you would like to learn that you would consider “domestic skills”? C’mon, let’s see what kind of talents you have apart from all that book-learnin’. 😉