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Four Jobs You’ve Had

paper shredder at abandoned warehouse (my roommates and I were certain we worked for the mob)
Outside orders girl for David C. Cook publishing
Hardware store clerk specializing in making keys and mixing paint
Switchboard operator at a men’s dormitory (most fun job of all!)

Four Places You’ve Lived

Bad Toelz, Germany
Augusta, Georgia
Elgin, Illinois
Canton, Illinois

Four Vacations You’ve Taken

Smokey Mountains, Tennessee (I was not in navy and white)
luxurious and romantic stay at Drake Hotel in Chicago
Washington, D.C.
Salzburg, Austria

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned Driven

bright orange Chevy Vega
black Chevy Vega (hey, these were great cars; if you needed to repair the muffler, a Contadina tomato paste can worked great)
big blue 10-passenger Titanic-esque station wagon
Fore FreeStar minivan with a DVD player that use to work