November 2005

Check out this blog by a group of thinking, educated Christian women.


I ran across this interesting article and thought our college girl readers would enjoy it.

This young woman’s observation about stereotyping is interesting.

Any thoughts?

Here’s a series of articles that address the protection of daughters from worldly influences. As this is a popular excuse for the withholding (by parents) of education from women (daughters), I thought it to be quite informative.


Part 1: Protection of Daughters
Part 2: Behavior Patterns of Fathers Who Withdraw Protection from Daughters
Part 3: When Daughters Lose Hope

Doug Phillips defines Biblical patriarchy for us.

Additionally, on the same site, Brian Abshire writes (long-windedly) about patriarchy. Of interest to us college girls he has a tidbit about patriarchs educating their daughters (don’t, if she’s too highly educated she’s less likely to marry and bear children. . .) I feel like his article has been referenced here before . . . am I wrong?

Anyone care to discuss these articles?

This article by Maureen Dowd prompted this response from Kathleen Parker. Lots of interesting thoughts but the basic premise seems to be that some women think that they will need to skip being wives and mothers if they are educated and successful because men are intimidated by women who are smart. I would love to know what you all think and is there any truth to this concept for Christian young women today?

This recent read certainly prompted some interesting thoughts I have had regarding the anti-college teachings for girls that seem to be popping up everywhere of late. I would be interested in hearing what your thoughts are on this, college gals, friends and anyone else with an opinion.