I thought it would be a great idea to jump right in and discuss one of the points that was suggested in the previous entry’s comment section….college debt.

When I graduated from college, a private Christian school, I had several thousand dollars of debt. My husband had no debt but joined the military which, as a side benefit considering the poor military pay, also allowed us to have a waiver so that I wouldn’t need to start paying my debt back until his term of enlistment was completed. That is exactly what we did though it was nearly 10 years after my graduation before the loans were paid off.

Thankfully and through God’s gracious providence, my oldest three children were able to go through college with no debt at all. Now we are looking at the 4th child to enter college and since he wants to attend a private Christian school where the costs are nearly $20,000.00 per year, we are trying to find the best way to get the most for our money. The plan so far is to have him take his gen eds via distance learning and save about $14,000.00. We are also looking into the scholarship/grant options.

So I have been thinking alot about the costs of a college degree and have bounced around these ideas with others. It seems that the cost of getting an education plays a major role in whether or not people thing girls ought to attend college. I have talked with several people who think that it is not a wise investment to put a daughter through college. I have heard others say that because men are to be the breadwinners, we should spend our college money on the boys first and then the girls if there is anything left over. I have read articles that support this view and hear these ideas being taught at homeschooling conferences. Here is an example of this line of reasoning:

Finally, some criticize the “patriarchs” for not wanting to invest in an expensive college education for their daughters because we “we need more young ladies in law, school, medicine, the arts and so on.” Again, this criticism assumes a modern cultural value and established it as the norm despite the fact that it has no biblical warrant and constitutes social suicide. Even the radical feminists today admit that women cannot adequately function as both a “career” woman and mother. A simple examination of the birth rates for professional women shows that the more highly educated a women becomes, the LESS likely she is to get married and the LESS likely to have children. Thus, this writer is actually encouraging brilliant Christian women to take a course of action that will mean cutting off their genetic inheritance for future generations! We do not need MORE female Christian lawyers, doctors or artists, but MORE godly women raising MORE godly children who will fill the earth and subdue it to the glory of God. And does it really make economic sense to invest tens of thousands of dollars for a woman to get an advanced education (often having to go into debt to finance that education) that she will NOT use if she accepts that her highest calling is to be a wife and mother? Thus, this “reformer” is actually encouraging a sociological system that impoverishes the family and reduces its ability to exercise godly dominion.

Of course, I disagree that educating a young woman is not good use of financial resources. But I have thought about those years when I had all the college debt and it took a bite out of the family budget to pay it off. I believe it was worth it for me to go to college but I wish my parents and I had had a better plan for paying for it. Any thoughts….