As an undergraduate, I was greatly encouraged by my college’s InterVarsity chapter and the godly men and women I encountered through the organization. When I was a sophomore, our local adult leader introduced me to a Christian couple who were both IV alums. The wife became a mentor of sorts– it was the first time I had an ongoing, discipling relationship with a Christian family with young children where I wasn’t just “the babysitter.” Through IV, I also helped lead a women’s Bible study group, served in diverse urban neighborhoods, and was introduced to several excellent Christian thinkers.

Today I ran across a link to IV’s Emerging Scholars Network and thought the readers of this blog might appreciate the resource. I find their mission statement highly encouraging to maintaining a Christian presence in the academy:

The Emerging Scholars Network is called to identify, encourage, and support the next generation of Christian scholars, at all stages of their academic careers, who will be a redeeming influence within higher education as they:

Love God with heart, mind, soul, and strength as they follow God’s call in discipleship and spiritual formation

Exhibit excellence in research, teaching, and service

Influence the university, the church, and the world by practicing their disciplines from a profoundly Christian viewpoint

Embody the gender, ethnic, and social diversity of the church within the academy