This is post number three in the series.

My name is Rachel Draper. Age-wise I register right after Liz as I am almost 24. I was blessed to be home schooled during my whole elementary and high school education. After high school graduation I attended the local community college for three years and graduated in 2003 with an Associates in liberal arts. I then transferred to Bradley University where I completed my B.S. in mathematics this past May. I would love to continue my education in math some day, but at this point I’m taking a break from formal education.

I got married to my wonderful husband, TJ, this past June, so I’m still in the adjustment stage. Lately, I have found myself spending my time sewing, reading, doing cross-stitch and cooking and then of course the less pleasant aspects of homemaking – cleaning. However, I haven’t been able to escape from the math books and you can sometimes find me scratching away at problems on my slate chalkboard.

I’ve been enjoying this blog too much to post on it, but I thought I better come out and introduce myself instead of hiding in the shadows. I enjoy it because it reminds me that it is possible to enjoy formal education and value it, while at the same time valuing home, family and children. The two are not mutually exclusive and I love seeing both set forth as examples in women’s lives.