Perhaps in an effort to “extend the hand of friendship,” perhaps to lend some credibility to us all, here is the first in the series of college girl introductions. All introductions are open to curious questions.

My name is Mollie Campbell Greene. I hold a B.Mus. in Piano Performance and an M.A. in Dramatic Productions, from Bob Jones University. I am also a licensed Kindermusik educator and currently teach both Kindermusik and piano from our home studio, Greene Bird Studios.

I am married to Aaron,

and we have two fabulous children, Henry, 3, and Jude, 1.

I am currently a play-at-home mama and hope to maintain this position for a very long time. We live in central Illinois near to my parents and three of my still-at-home siblings.

When I’m not in the midst of mothering, and sometimes when I’m right in the thick of it, I enjoy making and listening to music, reading piles of various and sundry, clicking my way through cyberspace, digging in the dirt and helping things grow, sewing and creating of all kinds, theater arts here and there, studying child development, cooking and eating, different flavors of reality tv, taking care of this beautiful house with which we’ve been blessed, and all matter of family life in general.

I enjoy college girl primarily because I learn something new in nearly every post and secondarily because it confirms my already strong belief that the best thing I did for myself and for my family was spend more than half of my twenties pursuing higher education!