Lately I’ve encountered the following statement regarding homemaking:

…This is my career. If I were in another career there would be just as many demands on my time and energy . . . it would require organization and routines and schedules .

On the one hand, yes, it does help me to look at my housewifery/mothering job as my “career.” It helps the day’s demands and routines seem easier to manage, etc., as I’m not thinking that I just sit at home doing nothing constructive all day. Most likely it’s a psychological approach to the thing, no?

On the other hand, what of mothers and homemakers who work at home as well? Or work outside the home? If a mother does all that I do and works (whether it be a few hours or forty hours a week) at a monetary paying job, something that she’s been educated toward doing, and this is her “career” what is the *other,* then? Is it secondary to her career? Is her job secondary to her “career” as a mother?

Or are homekeeping/mothering/housewifery and the term “career” polar opposites?