Over the weekend, a friend of mine expressed her concern over some of the posts on this blog. My response to her is something I think needs to be stated here.

We are a group of Christian women (our number seems to be growing) who believe that going to college can be a good choice for a Christian woman. We do not believe it is the only choice nor do we believe that everyone has to pursue an education, formal or not, in the same way.

We do hope that we challenge the thinking of those who believe that college is a wrong choice for women and we especially disagree with the voices of those out there who say it is a sin for a young woman to go to college.

From time to time there will be posts that cause me, personally, to strongly disagree, even react. This is a good thing! Not only does it stretch me but also those who read all of us as one pro-college-for-women voice. I hope that we can demonstrate that we are able to sharpen each others’ iron while maintaining our unity about women and college.