It seems to me that possibly one of the reasons that people don’t want women to go to college is that it is assumed that women will no longer be interested in being wives and raising children and overseeing the running of households once they have tasted of life outside of the walls of their house.

This is nonsense. Every one, whether a man or a woman, has seasons of life. We begin as children who are in the season of learning and studying, we grow into adulthood and continue learning things, but with more specific goals in mind. When we marry, we have new responsibilities, especially to our husbands. As mothers, we have children who must be put first and nurtured and cared for, setting aside our own personal enrichment goals. Then, as the children grow older, we have more opportunites to seek out our own interests. This is part of God’s plan. If children were to be abandoned or raised by caregivers or fathers, moms wouldn’t be the ones with the breasts. And if we were not to think and study and contribute to our world, especially as Christians, we wouldn’t have brains.

To me, it is all a matter of looking at our lives in seasons and reveling in each season as it comes along. Just because a woman has many interests and loves to learn and study does not mean that she does not value all the stages and seasons of her life and will enjoy a home and family.

Isn’t it interesting that in God’s perfect plan, women reach a time when they are no longer able to physically bear and nurse children? Did he intend for women to dry up and blow away then? No! It then becomes the season when you can delight in being an older woman!

An older homeschooling mother told me that she has, for several decades now, kept a part of her week to pursue things that she enjoys, to study and learn things just for her own experience, believing that she is a better wife and mother because of that. I, too, have tried to do that and would agree that I am a much more interesting person because of it.

That is exactly the point of this blog, in my humble opinion. Placing women into categories where they are not supposed to better themselves educationally harms every member of the family, every member of the body of Christ. Defining roles and training and “girl” and “boy” goes beyond what the Scriptures teach.

As a WIT, woman in transition, each year moving out of the “stay at home mom stage” of life and into the “I am grandmama and I have learned a thing or two by gum” stage, let me say that I have seen college, I have loved being down on the farm, and now look forward to the days when I can do both.