I’ve been thinking about this today. Really, what does ‘Celebrating Formal Education in the Life of a Christian Girl” mean? What is it that we are celebrating?

College is more than books, papers, and exams. It is more than sitting (or sleeping) through classes and regurgitating the proper information in order to get the proper grade and the proper piece of paper at the end. College is more than something that has to be done in order to make more money, or have a successful career, or be well-educated. It is much more.

In College, I learned how to turn the hall of my wing in the dorm into a slip-n-slide at 2 AM on a Saturday night. Was that a silly, immature thing to do? Sure. But it taught me the importance of fellowship, laughter, and good friends. In College, I learned that the arrangement of dorm furniture is an exact science. And it taught me persistence, determination, and the benefits of brute strength. In College, I learned that sometimes relationships end and that’s okay. It taught me the importance of grace, trust in God, and being true to myself. In College, I learned that I can’t control the actions or emotions of other people. It taught me to be gracious, gentle, and sensitive. In College, I learned that sometimes bad things happen to good people. And it taught me the amazing power of prayer.

So I celebrate formal education in the life of a Christian girl. My formal education was a time of learning – academically, spiritually, emotionally, and realistically.