The first thing I learned in College is that knowing exactly where you’re going and what you’re going to do when you get there is highly overrated.

I walked onto campus fresh out of high school (a year early) knowing exactly what my major was, what classes I needed to take, and what road I needed to take to get where I was going. I didn’t take college seriously as an education, an experience, or a way to better myself. It was just an extension of high school. It was what was expected of me, so I was there.

As time passed I realized that I did not, in fact, know everything about everything. I didn’t even really know myself. I started paying attention to the college experience – the classes, dorm life, campus activities, and everything I could absorb. Slowly, I learned that ambition isn’t everything. Having every detail of the future already planned is no fun, as it allows for no spontanaeity.

College is about the here and now, not just about the end result and the where you are going. So is life. I’m still unsure about what “career path” I want to take. Until I figure it out, I’m going to continue busying myself with absorbing and learning from the right now.