I’m not saying it’s this way for everyone, but it most certainly is this way for me.

I so closely identify with my college experience that I couldn’t leave. This is home for me.

So when I hear people say college grads are snobs, college grads are greedy, college is just like a house of prostitution, yup, I take it personally.

Imagine anything you so closely identify with: motherhood or Christianity, for instance. And then you hear someone say, “Ah — those women who do extended breastfeeding are just doing it for the sexual charge they get out of it!” Or “Christianity is ignorant and racist.” Because you so closely identify yourself with that, you are going to take it personally.

And when college grads say, “I can say we’re snobs because I am one.” Hmph. That’s like saying, “I can make fun of women/blacks/fill-in-the-picked-on-group because I am one.”

No, fun-making when it’s a slight is still a slight. It’s still stereotyping. It’s still ungracious.